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Foundation Repair in Austin, TX

G.A. Coffing & Sons has provided professional foundation repair services to the Austin, TX area for over three generations. An unwavering commitment to providing exceptional foundation repair services coupled with superior customer care services has made G A Coffing & Sons the most trusted provider of foundation repair services in Central Texas.

When To Consider Foundation Repair

Question: When should you be concerned that your home or commercial property might have foundation failure?

Answer: A structure’s foundation is intended to do two things:

  1. Keep your feet out of the dirt below.
  2. Support the structure above.

Question: So, your feet aren't dirty, but how do you know if your foundation is supporting the structure?


Signs You Have Foundation Problems

I. Doors & Windows

  • Do they work without dragging or sticking?
  • Do they latch and lock easily?
  • Are they square in their openings?

II. Interior Signs Of Foundation Problems

  • Are there cracks in the sheetrock, especially at corners of door and window frames?
  • Are there wrinkles in wallpaper or patches covering old cracks?
  • Are there gaps between the wall and moldings?
  • Are floors sloping or uneven?

III. Exterior Signs Of Foundation Problems

  • Are there cracks in the brick veneer, particularly stair step cracks in mortar or cracks through bricks?
  • Are there cracks in exposed sides of slab?
  • Are there cracks or excessive slopes in patios, porches, sidewalks or driveways close to the slab?
  • Are there gaps or joints around doors and windows that are not uniform and caulkable?
  • Are there gaps between facia boards at corners of structure?

If you answer yes to some of the questions above, you may have foundation failure.

How To Measure Foundation Failure

For a more definitive measure, use a 4 foot builders level ($10 from your hardware store). Place the level on the floor along each of the walls at 4 foot intervals. The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and the Veterans Administration (VA) consider a uniform slope of up to 1/4" in 4 feet, as acceptable for their loan programs. Therefore, if you must lift either end of the level more than 1/4" to reach absolute level, then you probably have foundation failure.

Sounds Complicated? Schedule your foundation repair assessment today with one of our estimators, and have it in hand within 24-48 hours!

Foundation Repair Methods

Utilizing the weight of the structure and the exterior grade beam as a bearing surface, an electric powered hydraulic ram is used to drive each piling down vertically into the soil directly below the beam. The soil is displaced thus fusing the pier in place.

Each pile is driven until refusal is reached, which can be at bedrock or other load bearing soil and usually occurs between 20 and 25 tons or three times the given weight of the home at that location. Refusal is determined when 25 ton ram no longer presses pile or rather lifts structure.

Foundation Repair Process

For over three generations, G A Coffing & Sons have provided foundation repair services to customers throughout Austin, TX and all of Central Texas. We utilize safe, proven methods to restore your home’s foundation to its ideal condition, often within a few days.

The foundation repair technicians of G A Coffing & Sons show a conscientious attention to detail in all aspects of your foundation repair project. We are not only concerned with the structure of your home but also the condition in which we leave your property, plants, and outdoor possessions upon completion.

Leveling Your Home's Foundation

As soon as the project site is cleared out, our certified foundation repair specialists break ground and begin creating space for access holes and piers underneath your house. For your safety, heavy plywood covers are placed over access holes daily.

We then drive concrete columns, or pilings, into the ground beneath your house. The purpose of the columns is to help adjust areas of your home that have settled more to meet those on sturdier ground by redistributing weight. In addition, we install hydraulic jacks on top of the pilings to let us begin the actual leveling process. Once the process is complete, we replace the jacks with concrete cylinders, fill in the remaining space beneath your home, and present you with your newly leveled home!

Restoring The Project Site

G.A. Coffing & Sons is committed to taking good care of your home before, during, and after your foundation repair project, and we will restore your property to its original condition as soon as the job is complete. We take special care to ensure that your plants and flowers are safe during the foundation repair process and returned to their homes afterwards. We will also provide the project site a thorough cleaning to remove any signs of us being there, so you can get right to enjoying your newly restored home.

If you have any special needs or concerns regarding the safety of your home or yard during the foundation repair process, please contact us for more information, or address your concerns with us on-site. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

Please note: in some cases, materials may be delivered a day or two before the start date. Please let us know if this will be a problem.

Lifetime Transferable Warranty

We certify that, if any adjustments are required during the life of property due to settlement resulting in a differential of more than one (1) inch in sixteen (16) feet, contractor will re-raise all areas previously underpinned without charge to owner, provided structure has not been damaged, altered, modified, or piers undermined by water leaks/intrusion, soil movement/erosion, heaving or vibration. Pier access will be gained by same means as original repair.

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